New PDF release: A Royal Affair (The Royals Series Book 2)

A Royal Affair
Horse-drawn sleigh rides.
Hearths coated with ivy and holly.
Hateful royals attempting to sabotage everything.
That’s what the silly invitation must have said.
When a marginally under the influence of alcohol and extremely drugged Finley unearths herself on my own on Christmas Eve within the in basic terms bar in Andorra that’s even open, she is familiar with she has blown issues for the final time.
But is she relatively to blame?
And does it relatively matter?
Not to Finley who has spent a whole yr making an attempt to not be a egocentric witch.
She pulls on her big-girl Spanx and is going to the royal affair she has been invited to.
From the again of the church her center flutters as she realizes he isn't the boy he as soon as was.
He is a king.
And she continues to be only a lady from Spokane.

You may want to try out this season's so much satirically romantic coming of age read!!

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